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Virtual kyrgyz keyboard. Virtual keyboard online

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How me to print my text?

Click at the button «  print typed» above the text area.

Note that only your text will be printed. Without page layout.

So you can everywhere and anytime type texts on any language with our virtual keyboard!

Copy to clipboard

For your comfort we add special link to the menu below the page header — «  copy typed» — click on it and typed by you text will be copyed to your clipboard. Please not that if you use not Internet Expleror then you need Flash player for this function to work properly.


Among other things, you can type any text in the text box on our keyboard, and then translate it into transliterated one click. In order latin to become cyrillic click button      , next to the switch of language in the right side of the virtual keyboard. In order cyrillic to become latin click button      , placed to the left of the key «Shift» our keyboard.

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